Don Herion interview on ‘A Current Affair.’

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Don Herion interviewed on Overnight WIND - AM 560 radio in Chicago.

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The Chicago Way

Read about over 150 Chicago gangland executions revealing how, why and when they happened. Several of the victims were informants of the author, some were members of the Chicago Outfit and hit-men themselves, they were brutally tortured murdered as well.

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Chicago Mob Ultimatum

PAY, QUIT, OR DIE, is an inside look on how Chicago's Organized Crime, Outfit operates in Chicago and Las Vegas. Chicago Police Detective Sergeant Don Herion spent 40 of his 46 years in law enforcement fighting them by busting up their gambling operations in the city and suburbs. Gambling financed most of their other illegal activities such as loan-sharking, narcotics, prostitution and stock swindles. Mysteriously, Herion found himself back in uniform. On occasion he acted as a vigilante to get the job done. Eventually he returned to the Organized Crime Division. He affected more than 4,000 raids and arrested hundreds of bookmakers and other racketeers.

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